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PAT Testing - What is it and Why Do We Need It?

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PAT testing is the common name for portable appliance testing. This is a process of testing an appliance and making sure it passes strict health and safety regulations outlined by the government, which every company needs to comply to.
The electricity at work act 1989 regulation is one example of these strict government regulations which every company has to follow. The act was brought into make sure that any portable appliances used at work is checked that its fully working and electrically sound. If any equipment is found faulty then is must be repaired or removed from the property. A 'do not use' sticker can be found on equipment that are declared unsafe after a PAT test. Usually its 6 months for low risk equipment and 3 months for high risk.
PAT testing can only be carried out by a professional official qualified PAT tester and carry out several checks on every piece of portable equipment the company uses. The wiring in and outside the plug is checked and the device is visually wholesale hair supplies checked for any signs of damage, which is usually the part that the appliance fails. Once the equipment is checked and given the all clear then a label is attached saying when the current test was completed and a few details about the tester and when its next due date. The company needs to keep log of the PAT testing that has been actioned on all their equipment so any health and safety officer can see that the business is complying with the regulations and has the welfare of wholesale beauty equipment their staff in mind.
So if your work place has a radio, microwave or a computer they should all be PAT tested. Appliances are PAT tested regularly but some more regular then others, for example a power drill can be used numerous times a year and can be very dangerous for people eyelets who use it if it is damaged, so therefore it needs to be checked more then a computer.
It is important to PAT test equipment. If staff members are using a drill over a long period of time and no one really keeps check that the wiring wholesale beauty supplies is fine and the equipment is working rivets as it should it could be very serious. The drill bit could be lose or the safety switch doesn't properly, then each time a member staff uses it then they are at risk of injuring themselves. As staff we trust the company to be looking after our safety. The last thing an employer wants is to have a member staff seriously injured, out of work or even a death and maybe a lawsuit around the corner on top or that. In the end its all about safety of staff and having a healthy workforce.
There is plenty of qualified PAT testers out there but there are some really good Cheap PAT testing professionals too.
Matt McCarten www.aggelectrical.co.uk
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