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Do you wonder if you are going through menopause and are looking for an alternative hormone replacement therapy? Many women can go through menopause as early as 30, but between 45 and 60 years of age is more common.
This time in a woman's life is usually characterized by wildly changing estrogen levels, but in actuality menopause is the end of the symptom stage. But for the sake of argument, we will discuss the symptoms widely recognized by the population and is called peri=menopause.
Thus, it becomes an issue of whether or not to replace estrogen at this point and because standard doctors don't usually have herbal remedies and tonics in their cabinets, wholesale hair products the peri-menopausal, or menopausal, woman frequently slips through the cracks of standard treatment.
Does this sound like you?
You are in your mid-forties and still menstruating, having very distressing symptoms: sudden weight gain, mood swings, occasional hot flashes, insomnia, and depression. Your doctor says everything is "normal' and it is too rivets soon for menopause.
However, this peri-menopause period is real and your doctor did not look for an underlying cause for the symptoms. He just sent you home and told you that it is just "that age."
You nail supplies did the best you could to deal with the symptoms: dieting to combat the weight gain, which didn't go away, taking sleeping pills for the insomnia and still feeling awful.
There are remedies to this problem. One such relief is seen with using the Bach Flower method.
Flower remedies are useful in alleviating discomforts associated with menopause.
The remedies are made by soaking flowers on top of water in a bowl placed in the sun for several hours. This method releases the flowers' energy into the water.
Examples of such remedies applicable to menopausal women are:
Mustard flowers to alleviate depression that seems to come about for no reason
Scleranthus flowers for mood swings
Olive riveters and hormbeam flowers for fatigue
Mimulus rivet guns manufacturer flowers for fear of aging
Star of Bethlehem beauty supplies flowers for sadness
After the flowers are soaked, put 1 to 10 drops of the water into a beverage or 1 drop directly on your tongue. Use as often as needed.
This is only one natural remedy for menopause symptoms. Wouldn't you love to find the best alternative HRT methods available? Including information concerning exercise and menopause? With so much fuss about menopause wholesale hardware accessories and hormone replacement therapy, do yourself a favor and learn your alternatives.
Check out www.alternativehrt.info and gain access to the home hardware most reliable source available for your alternative hormone replacement therapies!
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