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Which Way to Switch Business Electricity?

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Confused by all the different tariffs and rules that apply to business electricity contracts? Here's some help...
The rates that suppliers charge small businesses for electricity can vary massively. It's not unusual for one shop to be paying three times the rate as the building next door. The cheapest rate we've seen this year is seven pence per unit (Sheffield engineering business) and the highest is 32p (hotel in Scotland). One thing is for certain though... longstanding electricity customers are charged far more than new customers, so it makes sense to switch regularly.
Small Print
However suppliers nail equipment don't make it easy for businesses to switch because, frankly, wholesale salon equipment they don't want you to! Each supplier has different - and complex - rules about serving notice. The average length of the Terms and Conditions salon supplies of the 'Big 6' energy suppliers is 5,500 words and buried somewhere in the small print is how and when they will allow you to serve notice during a 'renewal window'. The renewal windows can open anywhere from 120 days before a contract ends and sometimes only last for a week. Unlike household electricity accounts, failure to act during this window will result in your business being spa supplies automatically rolled into a new, and legally-binding, contract for at least another year.
Contract End-Date
So if you, like the vast majority of businesses, are unsure whether you are currently in a contract or when it ends - the first thing you must do is request a copy of your T&Cs and your contract end-date from your supplier. Once you are armed with this information you can work out exactly when your renewal window opens and closes.
Serving Notice
Serving notice should always be done in writing, as early as possible and sent by Recorded Delivery. This guarantees your right to switch and means you will avoid the rollover trap. The letter should contain the 21 digit Supply Number, or MPAN, shown on your electricity bill. It's usually in a box beginning with a large 'S'
If you serve notice but do not switch, you won't be cut-off but are likely to be placed on very high 'deemed' rates by your rivet tools manufacturer supplier. As such, it is important to find a new rate that you're happy with. An independent price comparison service can search the entire market for the best rates available, then do the switch on your behalf and won't charge you a penny.
Case Study
If you have a mug or plate with your child's wholesale hardware supplies fingerprints on it, the wholesale rivet tools chances are that Hobby Ceramicraft, Jane Stenning's Hook-based business, supplied it. Jane and her brother Matthew run the family business which supplies stock and kilns to "Paint Your Own Pottery" caf
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