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Mini Credit Cards

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The mini credit card is about half the size of a regular card and can be attached to a key chain to make it easily accessible. Unlike the regular size card this is equipped with a radio frequency identification chip and an antenna which makes it easily read by a scanner. Like the regular card it has a magnetic strip to use in the retailers' machines.
The mini credit card is convenient, and you no longer have to dig through your purse of wallet while people are waiting behind you in the check out line. You use it in the same way you used your regular card. Just swipe it at a terminal at your favorite store. You will still have to use your rivet tools regular size card at some ATMs or at some gas pumps that still require the full size card. Because of the size of it, it cannot be seen at a distance. If it is lost or stolen you should immediately notify the credit card issuer at a number shown on the back of your statement. If you have spa products a regular wholesale salon equipment card at a bank and would like it then call or visit your bank and request information on how to apply for the mini card.
Master Card, Discover and Visa all unveiled their individual mini in 2002. The companies report that people are using it more consequently, spending more money than they did with their regular size credit card.
Bank of America said they salon supplies estimate that people that use it actively make about two and three percent more wholesale beauty supplies income for the Bank. And Master Card states that people using it tend to buy more. Some banks also issue the debit card in the same mini form as the mini card. Mini credit cards have also been issued to credit card customers outside of the United State and mostly in Asia.
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