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Habits of a Financial Adult

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When I was a youngster of about seven years old, before moving from Pittsburgh to Orlando, I saw an advertisement on television for a mutual fund company. I think it was a Janus commercial and it gave the following paraphrased suggestion: if you were to commit to putting $50/month away (In Janus, of course) then you would never lack financially.
Well that's pretty cool I thought: having everything you wanted. I am not sure what I wanted at the time, but when I mentioned this television ad to my father he said something like, "yea, that'd be great, you got $50?" You can probably guess that this mutual fund account was never started. In the 1970's, $50 was pretty substantial for the average household. It sure bought a lot more than the tank of gas it buys today.
Things were different back in that time in that old neighborhood. People were more optimistic and it seemed like troubles were simple and easy to fix. But in thinking back on this short conversation with my father I can see several problems with it.
? There was no desire to change habits or behaviors; my dad saw no need, or didn't understand the compelling reason to make the changes.
? It seems as though everyone was, and maybe still is, more interested in immediate gratification. I can't put away $50 now because there is always something tangible I want or need now. "The future" is an ambiguous target.
? There were goals. Dad owned a business for a while, but from what I remember he never had any real plan behind those goals on how to achieve and sustain them.
? With no real plan there was nothing specific on which to commit.
Besides that mutual fund account what else was never started? Was there an emergency reserve fund just in case the refrigerator broke or there was another unexpected household expense? Was there a retirement or other investment plan? Was there a college fund for any of his three kids? Was the household and its members insured against injury? Did he have life or disability insurance? Did he put any real thought past 'right now' or were there always too many fires to put out?
Of course, I can't know the answer to the last question, wholesale rivet tools who knows what someone else is thinking, but I do know that none of the other programs were set up.
1984 was a great year for me. I was a freshman on the football team at the University of Florida and we were having the best season in school history. I had new friends and was absorbing the independence and all the new college experiences. Heck, I was even going to my classes!
We had just clinched the first ever Southeast Conference Championship by beating Kentucky (pre divisional playoff system) and I was getting ready to travel to the last regular season rivets manufacturer football game of the year when the phone rang. The voice on the other end said salon products my father was dead. Things change in an instant, lives change for forever, in an instant.
My sister was a junior in college, and my brother was still in high school and now there were many, many new questions to answer because the life insurance wholesale spa products program was one of those not in place. I really don't know how we got through; I think mostly on mom's strength and sacrifices.
Nobody should wholesale beauty equipment be forced to endure sacrifices like that. And nobody has to.
There are always excuses, always reasons not to do the things that people know they should do. Planning and taking precautions takes time, takes money, takes thought. But it doesn't take that much time, protection can be inexpensive and there are people to help figure it all out.
Most people understand that there are risks in daily life and that they can be avoided or precautions can be taken. Some people do something about it. Taking care of what you know you need to take care of is what I call being a "Financial Adult."
Financial planning was not my first career but it seems as though it was inevitable that I would gravitate toward this field. I am proud of the fact that through the last nine years I have helped people improve their home hardware financial picture through wealth management strategies and by avoiding the very risks that have continued to hold members of my own family back.
The basic idea is that you can live a happier, more stress-free lifestyle by understanding and using the tools available to you and how they interact wholesale nail supplies with each other. Everyone has the opportunity to have an extraordinary lifestyle, and with a little understanding of financial concepts that lifestyle can be magnified.
Paul T. Beavin, CPC
V.P./Agency Director
Decision Tree Financial
My experience, knowledge and network of financial professionals makes me a valuable resource for individuals and small businesses trying to improve their current financial position as well as their future outlook.
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