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There are many pros and cons to converting to electronic health records; depending on the point of view, it may have more pros or more cons.
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is planning to give $19 billion to physicians as an incentive to encourage physicians to use electronic medical records. This money will be given to physicians and practices over the duration of five years to invest in electronic medical records. wholesale salon products Unfortunately, this incentive is not going to be given to just any practice that purchases the system. A practice must qualify in order to receive the reimbursement. The hard truth is that not everyone who applies for an incentive reimbursement is going to get it.
Who Qualifies for EMR Reimbursement?
In order to qualify for an incentive reimbursement, practices must pass a few things on the list. The incentive money is meant to use the electronic system in a meaningful way. This can mean several things. The electronic medical records system must be able to communicate with other systems from different vendors and have advanced features, such as the clinical decision support feature. In addition, you must be a meaningful user, meaning you prescribe electronically, exchange data with different providers, and generate reports on how well you do compared to the unspecified clinical quality measures. These measures may resemble what you would find in the Quality Reporting Initiative.
The qualification list does not stop there. In addition to the qualifications listed above, electronic medical records must also be certified. The American Recovery and Reimbursement Act has yet to specify who can certify electronic health records; however, the federal beauty supplies government will most likely choose the Certification Commission on Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT). In order to receive the full disbursement of $44,000 over the course of five years, physicians must also qualify as a meaningful electronic health record user beginning by 2011 or 2012. The later physicians choose to wait to qualify, the less they will receive in incentive payments.
There is another catch as well. Many physicians are eligible to receive incentive reimbursements, but not all physicians. riveters Dentists, physicians, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and some physician assistants are included. Physicians who are not eligible are hospital-based professionals, such as radiologists, emergency physicians, pathologists, and anesthesiologists. Practices that choose not to use electronic health records will be penalized a 1% reduction in 2015 in their Medicare fee schedule and it can continue up to 5% as the years pass. Many physicians disagree with the federal government's plan to give incentive reimbursements. Many feel it is just one way the government can control how rivet tools manufacturer healthcare is administered, and as a way to push national healthcare coverage.
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