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Flexible Sign Post - Saving You From Parking Lot Damages

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Teenagers and elderly people usually get into minor accidents such as bending sign posts while they park their cars in reverse. Teenagers usually get into these minor accidents due to their driving inexperience while the elderly have poor eyesight and slower reflexes. wholesale Industrial hardware Unfortunately for these drivers, they not only damage parking lot accessories, but they also damage their cars like getting dents and scratches. If a much more serious damage to property occurs, business owners can file charges against wholesale rivets the drivers. To avoid such time-consuming and money-wasting arguments, business owners can just install flexible sign posts on their parking lots.
These flexible sign posts are added safety features to parking lots. If they get bumped by riveting machines manufacturer a car, they will just bend backward, leaving the sign posts and vehicles unscathed. Installing flexible sign posts minimizes vehicle and property damage thus saving anyone from possible charges as well.
Features of a flexible sign post:
? A polypropylene construction which makes the post both durable and lightweight. The lightweight feature helps in reducing damage to vehicles from a parking lot accident.
? A durable spring system installed inside the posts that allows them to withstand collisions. The springs let the posts bend backwards when it comes in contact with a moving vehicle without damaging both the post and the vehicle. These are used in parking lots and other road areas.
? A height of four to five feet.
? Comes in white, rivet nuts yellow or orange.
? An 8" x 8" base that easily attaches to concrete or asphalt.
Since wholesale hardware accessories polypropylene is lightweight, installation should be easy. Installing a sign post is actually a one-man operation, which can save business owners extra cash from hiring an extra hand. These flexible sign posts are also very affordable, because they cost about half the cost of metal posts.
It is also good to know that polypropylene can riveting machine manufacturer be painted over. Reflective tape can also be easily stuck on its surface, making it possible to customize them. These posts can also mount any standard traffic or parking signs.
If anyone would think about it, flexible sign posts act like Superman. They look like the boring Clark Kent on the outside. But when they are needed to prevent damages, they use their flexibility just like Superman saving everyone's day.
Champion America is the leader in providing thousands of businesses with innovative safety product signs you can rely on. We believe in America. That is why we believe we can support our country and offer you the best for less - in fact, 30% less than our published pricing when you order from our website www.champion-america.com.
Champion America is an established supplier of parking signs, custom traffic signs, traffic control devices, flexible sign posts, and other security signs.
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